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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Victory Church Meeting in Nairobi

Dear warriors: Last night's meeting at Victory Church was amazing, the Daystar Chorus and praise band is nothing short of out of this world, I hope to bring them to Kansas when they come back to tour the US in 2014. They can sing, dance, play instruments, do it all, there was 22 of them on the platform and it was constant motion and fragrance of worship, I was humbled to be with them. Today we are praying for more of everything, I will be preaching on deliverance from Isaiah 61, Jesus came to set the captives free. Some of the people in attendance last night were Muslims from Mogadishu, Somalia, they came because their children are in Boniface's Victory School, they are learning scriptures and bible stories! Bwana a Safiwe, praise the Lord!

I have a prayer request and donation request for my host pastor Bishop Boniface Mosoti. Boniface is building a 50 unit apartment complex (it is very basic, sheet metal structure) next to the church for low income people to have a place to live, and to provide a very badly needed income source for the church and his school with over 200 children. The complex is 80% completed and he has secured a loan to complete the rest of the project, but he was informed when we went on Friday to sign for the loan that he needs comp insurance for his car which is being used as collateral for the loan. So he needs $1500 for insurance otherwise everything remains at a standstill. \Please pray about this and if the Lord moves you to help let me know if you can. You could do all or part, I will see to it that he gets all of it so he can get this project finished. You can send the money to my box @ Gather the Outcasts, Box 92, Norton, Ks. 67654, designate for Boniface building project. Boniface is trustworthy and this is a good project that will help his school and church in a great way. Let me know by email if you are donating and how much so I can plan, if you can do the full amount I would have you wire direct to Nairobi to expedite things. Thank you for hearing this request and God bless you. By His Grace, Jim

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