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Monday, October 25, 2010

Kenya Report pt7

Dear beloved: I have received an invitation from the Pastor's Association of Kibera, the largest slum in Africa that is 3 miles from downtown Nairobi, to come back to Kenya to preach a series of revival meetings. Kibera is a district without sanitation and is home to about 1 million people; many children there are left as orphans, and the AIDS rate is quite high. I am in the process now of working out times and strategies for the meetings in Kibera. If you would like to see a touching video of Kibera, go to, then search:redhead31293, then click on Kibera:Africa's Largest Slum. 3min 51sec. Pray that God would open the doors necessary in Kibera to allow these meetings to go forth, that the provision would be there, that God would bring workers along side for the harvest, and that many in that place would be ushered into the Kingdom as a result of the crusades.
Another pastor from Kibera was touched in a mighty way when I spoke to the pastor's meeting, and later in the week he found me at a revival and asked me what he could do to stir up the spirit in his small church, and in Kibera overall. The Holy Spirit had me to speak to him about a 24-7 IHOP style house of prayer to put a prayer covering over the whole city 24 hours each day. When I started to describe to him the vision I had for his church, he began to weep and cried over and over, "This is from God, this is from God, this is from God!" I received an email from him since returning to the states and have learned that he did get his house of prayer started with 10 people. Please pray that Pastor Vitalis will be steadfast in this venture, that the Lord will bring more workers to his side, and that he will stir up the spirit of the Lord to cover all of Kibera and Nairobi with the covering of the Lord.
I also have an invitation from a pastor in western Kenya, the city of Mumias, to go there and share the gospel with their pastor's association, and to preach to villages in that area. Please pray that God would open up doors in that area, and that he would provide bibles and the provision necessary for that outreach. Thanks to all who are praying for this ministry, for the provision, and for health and safety for me personally.
I will give more details on the return trip as they unfold, just know that I am a willing vessel for the Lord. If you would like to help contribute to this mission, to purchase bibles or for travel or crusade expenses, you may do so through PayPal on this site or on the web site. Thank you and God bless you, in Christ, Jim

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