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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kenya Report pt4

Dear beloved: While in Kenya I heard testimonies of three former Muslims who the Lord had touched in a mighty way and brought them to a saving knowledge of Him. The first was a former Muslim Imam, or spiritural leader, who had been an imam for most of his adult life. At middle age in his life he was involved in a car accident that left him crippled and in a wheel chair; at that point he did a lot of soul serching and he accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior, and now he is a pastor of a small church in Nairobi! The focus of his church is to reach out to those Muslim communities in Nairobi with the good news that Jesus saves, a mission that he thoroughly enjoys.

The second testimony came from a lady who was walking down the street and had a radical encounter with the Lord. God led her past our crusade grounds where we were singing and dancing, and preaching the message of the gospel, which we did each afternoon in various locations around Nairobi. As she walked past the crusade grounds, she was prompted by the Holy Spirit to stop in and listen to the singing and the message. She was wooed by the message and she stayed on, then the altar call was given and she came forward to answer the call and confess her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior! What a dramatic end to her Muslim faith and a new beginning with Jesus Christ!

The third testimony I heard was in the church of Pastor Boniface Musoti, our host pastor for the time I was in Nairobi. I had the privilege to preach in his church the last Sunday I was in Nairobi. The testimony was given by a lady from Sudan, who was now living in Nairobi and had come to faith in the Lord after a faith shattering dream she had of Jesus. The events that led up to the dream were that her family was all Muslim and was also involved in black magic and witchcraft to the point that many of her family was being wiped out with sickness and death from practicing the black magic. She prayed for stronger magic but only got sicker and more terrified. Eventually she gave in to a plea from a friend who told her of Jesus Christ and that she needed to give her life to Him and be "born again". So she prayed that Jesus would reveal Himself to her, and that very night Jesus came walking up to her with His nail-pierced hands reaching out to her; He told her how much He loved her and that He wanted her to serve Him forever. She was so shaken by the dream that the next morning she got up and ran to her friend's house, where she told her friend of her dream encounter and Jesus words to her. She prayed with her friend to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and was born again! Since that day the Lord has used her to be an evangelist to her family, and by the power of the Holy Spirit she has brought 10 people in her family to the Lord. God does work in mysterious ways! All through the Muslim world this is happening, Jesus is revealing Himself in dreams and visions to the people trapped in the darkness, it is a testimony to the power of prayer as Christians all over the world pray for those held in captivity in far off lands. Beloved, pray for those trapped in all false religions and cults that Jesus would set them free, free indeed! God bless you, in Christ, Jim

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