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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Warning Dream for San Francisco

Dear Beloved:

Dream of 4/27/10, I was going down a street in San Francisco and then stopped. I saw many frightened and paranoid people. Then the Lord highlighted to me a person who was locking his car and going off into a building. He was of a nationality I have come to regard as suspicious, he was nervous and suspicious looking, his eyes were shifty. I walked a block or two away, I did not have any shoes on, and looked down a long street, it was empty of people and all traffic. I hesitated to go down that street for something was definitely not right about the scene. On a side street a block or two away was a big green domed structure,(maybe a mosque or copper tarnished greenish roof). This building description may have meaning to someone in San Francisco.

This dream was given by the Lord the night after the dream of terrorist attack on Cincinnati. Please be in intercession for San Francisco, (St. Francis, you'll be a free man yet!)

Psalm 37:12-15, v12 The wicked plots against the righteous, and gnashes at him with his teeth. v13 The Lord laughs at him, for He sees his day is coming. v14 The wicked have drawn the sword and bent the bow, To cast down the afflicted and the needy, To slay those who are upright in conduct. v15 Their sword will enter their own heart, and their bows will be broken. Psalm 37:34 Wait for the Lord and keep his way, and He will exalt you to inherit the land. When the wicked are cut off, you will see it. God bless you saints, in Christ, Jim Rowh

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