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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miracle Testimonies from Kenya

Dear brother Jim,
Iwant to thank God so much for your safe trip back home.God real did miracles in Mumias crusade.Many people received salvation , instant healing and hundreds were delivered.God real moved in a powerful way.God real used you very powerful and perfomed miracles through your hands as he did to paul.
There was many testimonies on Sunday how God perfomed many miracles in many lives.We dance in praise of what God did in mumias crusade.
The church was full that were not able to contain people.We do not know where we will put people in the following services.
Ihave attached the pictures of the ministry, i will please attach pics especially those you and was baptizing people in that river on Saturday.
I and my wife Jane was very church touched for your blessing ministry in our nation.We are praying many big blessings upon you and your work.May God open big doors for finances so that you can be of the blessing to us and use it to come again in 2012..
We kindly ask you to put our ministry website into yours so that many people read a bout us in Kenya.Encourage and speak to many people a bout us and our work , give them our website and God shall bless you .
God's rich blessings !!!
yours in His service
Pastors Lucas and Jane obanda

This was a message I received from Pastor Obanda in Mumias, Kenya, regarding the testimonies about the healings at the Mumias Catch the Fire Crusades. About 200 people gave their lives to the Lord Jesus in Mumias. Pray that we can return there to minister again someday. If you would like to help Pastor Lucas build on to his church, make a donation to Gather the Outcasts Ministry and note on it for the Mumias church. You can donate through PayPal or through the contact information given on the website God bless you, in Christ, Jim

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