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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kibera Update #3

Dear beloved: Last night was the finale of the Kibera crusade. It was extremely powerful, many came to the Lord, over 200,and hundreds came forward for healing and general prayers. The Holy Spirit was moving so powerfully, at times I didn't know if I could stand up! Bwama a safiwe, praise the Lord! The pastors all said it was the best attented crusade they have had in that area in many years. Kibera is a very rough place, the people there are very hardened to the gospel.
The message was from Revelation 22:1, the river of living water that flows down from the throne of God. God wants us to drink of the living water; years ago the Lord took me up in the spirit to drink of the living water. It came at the end of a three day fast of no food or water, the Lord sat me down beside the stream of living water and I took a pitcher and dipped into the steam over and over and filled myself with the water. It was a powerful dream, the Lord was just showing me to drink of Him, that if I drank of Him I would never thirst again! How very true that has been in my life and will be in yours also. Last night as I was leaving Kibera for the last time, I began to cry for the pain and living conditions of those people, it is a very poor and dirty place, but I was also crying for those who are lost there who did not come to the crusade and give their heart to the Lord. I was also grieved that it was the last night; to preach the word of God to lost and hurting people is a high calling and it is true fulfillment. I thank you so much for your prayers.
I will be traveling to Mumias in western Kenya tomorrow and start another five night crusade there on Tuesday night. We will also be teaching pastors during the day so it will be a rigorous schedule. God bless you and thank you again for your prayers. In Christ, Jim

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