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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kenya Mission Trip

Dear beloved: I will be going to Kenya in September, leaving the states about September 19th, and returning on Oct. 1. I will be teaming up with a mission group from Vancouver, Washington, and Doug McCary of Men at the Cross Ministry. The total number on the team will be about 20, including musicians, preachers, and other support people. We will be preaching a series of revival meetins in Nairobi and possibly other cities in Kenya. The meetings will be held all over the city of Nairobi, then at the end of the week there will be a pastor training and big evangelism push in a city park. The weekend event in the park will be a two day event, and include a breakfast and games for the children, pastor training, praise and worship, and preaching. Expected turnout for the weekend event could be anywhere from 25,000 up to 200,000. The whole evangelism and discipling thrust will be called Operation Two Fish, Five Loaves. Please pray for this mission: 1. for souls to come into the kingdom 2. for those new converts and for other Christians to be open to discipling 3. for safe travel and safety in the country of Kenya 4. for revelation from the Holy Spirit in regards to preaching and worship 5. for provision for the people involved as well as provision for the printing of discipleship materials to be distributed.

If you feel called to help support this evangelism mission please pray that you would be faithful to answer God's leading, You can send letters of support with donations to : Jim Rowh, 108 E. Washington St. Norton, Kansas, 67654, or you can use your credit card and make a donation through PayPal safely and securely by clicking on the donate button on this page, or on my web site at I need to raise about $3,000 for my travel and food and lodging, plus we need additional money to print up discipleship training manuals, as well as money for the picnic in the park. Prayerfully consider how God would have you to help in this mission. I will be posting more details as the time for departure draws near. God bless you, Jim

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