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Thursday, April 1, 2010

the Anointing pt4

Dear beloved: The anointing is transferrable and one of the main ways to transfer it is by the laying on of hands, as we see in many passages of scripture in both the old and the new testaments. Some example we see include Numbers 8:10, where the Levites were set aside by the laying on of hands. v10 and present the Levites before the Lord; and the sons of Israel shall lay their hands on the Levites. v11 Aaron shall then present the Levites before the Lord as a wave offering from the sons of Israel, that they may qualify to perform the service of the Lord. And in the new testament in Acts 6:6,And these( the new deacons) they brought before the apostles; and after praying, they laid their hands on them. Paul and Barnabas were also set aside by the laying on of hands in Acts 13. v2 And while they were ministering to the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, "Set apart for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them." v3 Then, when they had fasted and prayed and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.
Jesus even laid hands on the children, which should be a great example for us to seek the anointing just as the children did. Matthew 19:13 Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. v14 But Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." v15 And after laying His hands on them, He departed from there. Paul describes the laying on of hands as part of elemental teaching in Hebrews 6:1, Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ, let us press on to maturity, not laying again a foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God, v2 of instruction about washings, and laying on of hands, and the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. And so we see that laying on of hands is the physical manifestation of what is happening in the spirit realm, the power is flowing from greater to lesser just as water flows downhill.
A few years ago I was given the opportunity to have a great saint and servant of the Lord lay hands and pray for me at a great outpouring revival here in America. I was in a room with about 100 people of a total of 500 pastors and ministers that were set aside to be prayed for at the end of the meeting. As the man of God came down the line, I had my eyes closed and was softly praying in the spirit in anticipation of what was to come. As he stood in front of me, he touched my forehead with oil and spoke two words, "creative miracles", and then quickly went on down the line. I felt a lightning bolt of electricity shoot down through my body, and my feet felt like they were welded to the floor. I prayed in the spirit for another minute or two, and then opened my eyes; much to my surprise, I was one of only about 5 people in the room still standing, every one else was flat out on the floor! The power was amazing. God then showed me in a dream later that week to take the anointing for creative miracles to the Cabecar people of Costa Rica, which I was about to do the following spring when I laid hands on every person in the village of La Colonia; even the babies got touched and prayed for and were given the anointing.
Beloved, seek the anointing, and don't let anyone push you away or deter you as the disciples did around Jesus. The kingdom of heaven is made for those who seek Him, will you be one of those? May God bless you this day as you seek His face, in Christ, Jim

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