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Monday, October 5, 2015

Response from Student at Nairobi Kesha

Dear beloved:  Above are more pictures from the student kesha in Nairobi, where students from six universities gathered to offer up prayers to the Lord.  One of the students was moved to write a poem of how he was touched that night, I have posted it here for you to read.

A soul in the mass
Being at conviction
Rowh makes a ruling

Success shapes nations
love on the cross defines nations
Prosperity  moves and changes people
The will moves the soul
But, love defines them all!

Living again is not,
From shumbles to riches
But from great to greatness
With love of the Gospel
as the heart-beat of a born again

Jim gyms-up varsity souls
from shuckles of doom
To strongholds of the Gospel
From Kansas with nobility
Is such triumph to the Gospel
Heed to the calling, making a difference

                  William Kadima

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