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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kenya Orphanage Update

Dear beloved:  Pictures  Top left Butembo, Congo crusade.  top right  Butembo  Pygmie worship choir, yes!  above planting fruit trees at the Living Water orphanage site.   The little guy in the middle is Dellie, named after Dell computers.  I think he will grow up to be an IT specialist.
Thank you so much for the prayers and support.  May the Lord bless you all.  Planted 14 banana trees at the orphanage site yesterday, they take big holes. Planted them near the spring and expect them to get big and produce lots of good bananas.  Will be planting a few more next week and then a few avocado to wrap up the planting.

Will be moving on next week to Kalifi near Mombasa on the coast to preach with a pastor I met several years ago. Last weekend I preached in a local church, the Lord again gave me a word of knowledge about a wayward child that would be coming home.  Later in the week the pastor called and said an adult child that had been gone for years came home to the lady we prayed for at the church meeting.  It was a miracle, a testimony for the whole congregation!  Will be preaching at another local church  this weekend,  the church is one of the pastors who is on the LIving Water Orpahage Board here in Kenya.

 I am planning a big finale to the preaching ministry here.  On October 2  we will be holding an all night kesha, prayer and praise fest at Kenyatta University in Nairobi.  We have a big hall secured on campus and a team in place to promote and do the ground work setup.  This is a big open door the Lord has opened to reach university students in Kenya, as there will be students from several universities attending.  I am praying for a huge crowd and showers of blessings,  If you can help with the funding of the kesha, it would be greatly appreciated.  I am supplying security, musicians, posters, and a 2am snack!

We will pray till six in the morning for Kenya, for the students, for America, and for God to move in protecting this country from the hands of terrorists and those who would destroy.  Please join me in prayer and support.  God bless you as you pray, in Christ, Jim
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