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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chains Broken in Scott City

Dear beloved:  I had the privilege to be in Scott City, Kansas over the weekend to share the Africa mission with the First Christian Church of Scott City, as well as pray with Chris and Tammy Lund of City on a Hill Treatment Center near Marienthal. What a blessing it was to be with these precious saints of the Lord, thank you to all who made the trip such a blessing.   Then I was joined Sunday night by some mighty prayer warriors, and we spent 4 hours in a  prayer walk to break off curses and release the Lord's blessings over the area.
Sunday morning in the church I shared some video of the Makarubi Choir from Goma, Republic of Congo, and then sang a song, "Break Every Chain".   God confirmed that chains were indeed breaking as it started to rain over Scott City about that time, praise the Lord!  God wants to refresh this dry and weary land.  I have been hearing from the brothers in Africa, posters are starting to go up in some of the crusade areas.  Plans are now in place for crusades in Goma, Republic of Congo, Busia, Uganda, and Nairobi, Kenya.  We are short on provision to do all that the Lord has called us to do, and I would hate to have to cut back on the agenda, but may be forced to as I need the money in hand to send on ahead for preparations to be made.  Please pray about your part in bringing souls to the Lord on this nation changing tour of three countries in Africa.  \
When you sow into Gather the Outcasts Ministry, you are also sowing into your own destiny, as you are linked arm in arm with those who come to salvation and receive healing through these crusades.  God bless you, in Christ, Jim   Gather the Outcasts, Box 92, Norton, Ks. 67654  web: click on image to see in full

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