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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Walk in the Spirit pt6: More on Prayer and Fasting

 Dear beloved: Jesus said in Matthew 6:17, "But you, when you fast, anoint your head, and wash your face, v18 so that you may not be seen fasting by men, but by your Father who is in secret; and your Father who is in secret will repay you."  The anointing of the head represents the symbolic setting aside, or consecration, of yourself to the work and service of the Lord.  It unites us with the priests of the Old Testament, such as Aaron, where we see that in their consecration ceremony, the same washing and anointing of oil was done to them by Moses.  Leviticus 8:6 Then Moses had Aaron and his sons come near, and washed them with water. v12 then he poured some of the anointing oil on Aaron's head and anointed him, to consecrate him.

God wants to give you greater authority to be a portal of entry for His kingdom here on this earth; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.  When you fast and pray, and have anointed and washed yourself to consecrate yourself to the work and service of the Lord, God hears your prayers and sees your heart; He then has the plan in mind to give you the authority to repair, rebuild, and restore that which has been broken on earth.  Isaiah 58:12 "And those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up the age old foundations; And you will be called a repairer of the breach, The restorer of the streets in which to dwell."  Your Father, who is in secret, will unite your heartcry with His plan for not only your family, but also your community, nation, and the world, as He links your prayer with the heartcry of those whose walls are torn down, whose foundations are crumbling and need shoring up, and whose streets are not safe to dwell in or walk down.

During a Daniel fast about 5 years ago, the Lord gave me a vivid dream to show me where I would be going to help repair the breach and raise up the age old foundations.  In the dream I was standing on a platform preaching to thousands of African people; every face was black except for mine, so I immediately knew it was Africa where He was sending me.  Between me and the crowd of people were about 40 men in blue shirts and red hats, some I recognized as men that I minister to in the state prison where I have been preaching for many years.  The Lord was showing me that they were going to be the intercessors for the mission,  the ones I would rely on to stand with me day and night in the prayer battle for the hearts of the African nations. Behind me on the platform was a big open slat wooden corn bin, similar to the kind frequently seen on farms throughout the midwest, and it was full to overflowing with ears of field corn; He was showing me that He would be my provision for all that would be needed to finance the missions to preach to the nations in Africa.  In my left hand I was holding a white bag that also had ear corn in it, I was taking out of the big bin and filling the little bag in my hand to finance each trip; on the front of the white bag was written the words 'Revelation 22'.  In my right hand I was holding a bible, God's word to pierce the hearts of the African people, and I was to be the conduit for His word to peirce their hearts.

When I preached a crusade in Kibera, the big slum in Nairobi two years ago, I took a white bag out with me each night when preaching, and the front of the bag had written on it 'Revelation 22'.  The pastors of Kibera came to me after the first night and said, "Jim, you have great authority to preach here, the people stayed and listened and were hungry for the word."  Before the crusade was over, nearly 800 people gave their lives to the Lord, and many received healing and deliverance.  The breaches in the walls of Kibera were being repaired!  The Lord orchestrated every detail of the trip, and I told the precious people of Kibera, "I am not here out of any good idea of my own, but it is the Lord who has directed my steps. I am here out of prophetic declaration."  Beloved, seek the Lord in prayer and fasting today, ask Him to direct your steps and expand your territory, then be ready to walk through the open doors into those streets which need restoring.  May God bless you this day, in Christ, Jim

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