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Friday, October 3, 2014

Resting Up in Nairobi

Dear beloved:   Writing from Nairobi where we are resting up getting ready for the trip home tomorrow.  Above is a picture of my brother Robbie as he eyes the greens selections at a nearby farm stand.  Local farmers bring their offerings into Nairobi and line the streets of the city, most all the people here buy their produce on a daily basis as there isn't much in the way of processed or refrigerated foods. Tomatoes cost 3 for 20 kshillings, or about 10cents each, and you can buy a real sweet slice of pineapple on the street for 20 kshillings also.  Food seems to be in plentiful supply here, and it is very tasty; the fruit, ranging from pineapple, to mango, all kinds of bananas, passion fruit, and many kinds of melons, is all very sweet and available everywhere on the streets.
Taking time these few days to reflect on the last three weeks and all the favor God has shown us, for safe travel, good health, and the blessings of His word poured out on all the people that He allowed us to minister to.  The time in Congo was especially sweet as not many evangelists have been in that part of Africa in recent years.  They were very grateful for us to be there, and we have been invited back again.  I am asking all of you to continue to pray for children of Africa that we may do something substantial to help them.  God has opened the door for Gather the Outcasts to build an orphanage in West Kenya, the right people are in place to get things moving, we are now waiting for the Lord to open up the windows of heaven and pour out the blessing.
We didn't make it to the Masaii Mara this week, by the time we got back to Nairobi we we short on energy and funds, so we just decided to loaf around Nairobi and rest up a bit.  All the travel of the past 3 weeks has been pretty intense, especially with the warfare added in of preaching the word in the dark places.  Our brother Roger stayed on in Goma for another week, he will be preaching some in the churches and also again in the prison, so keep him covered with your prayers for another week.   I thank you all for the prayers and also for the greetings and messages of encouragement you have sent via email, they have really kept me enouraged.  The church in Goma took video of all the meetings there, so I will have them edited and be posting after I get back to the states, as well as posting pictures of which I have many.  Thank you again for all the prayers, may God bless you,  in Christ, Jim

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