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Friday, October 3, 2014

Recap of Goma,Congo Meetings

Dear beloved:  Have some time in the hotel this morning before departing back to Kigale, so will update on the meetings held over the weekend in Goma.  The Lord moved in a mighty way here in Goma, I am very pleased with all the open doors and the outpouring of His love for these people.  Saturday we had very good pastor training with about 75 pastors, then the crusade was also well attended, despite the fact it was raining off and on all day.  Many came forward to the altar to pray for rededication and renewal, and also for healing.  Saturday afternoon we had the opportunity of going into the local prison in Goma, it was a very rewarding outreach and the men in the prison were very blessed.  A team of about 10 of us went in, and Robby gave his testimony about being in prison in America, then I preached a  message and gave an invitation to the 200 or so men who were pressed in very close to us to hear the message.   It was a powerful time as many men gave their life to the Lord Jesus!  The conditions in the prison were very harsh; many of the men looked hungry and a bit sick, they have to rely on family and churches to feed and clothe them, as the government provides very little for them.
We were also blessed on Friday to be able to meet the mayor of Goma in his office and receive his blessing for the crusade.  At the end of our meeting with him, he got down on his knees and let us pray for him, and the Lord gave me a good word to speak over him as the leader of this city.  Sunday was church service at Pastor Joel's church  with probably 300 people worshiping and dancing to the Lord.  The service was very powerful, many again came forward for prayers for healing and blessings.  The crusade on Sunday afternoon was the grande finale, though it showered early in the afternoon, it cleared later and we had a great finale.  Many pastors from city wide churches were there, as well as hundreds of people including several different choirs who led the praise and worship for a couple hours.  I brought a message about the blood of Jesus; the anointing was very strong, a couple of times I didn't know if I could stand. People in Congo are very reluctant to come forward to make a public confession, so you never know how many are actually receiving the word, but Pastor Joel told me this morning that many of the unbelievers who were at the crusade Sunday, came Monday morning for a 6am prayer service at the church, so the seeds sown at the crusade are already bearing fruit.
I believe a time of peace and prosperity is here for the Congo, and I beleive it will be a time of unprecedented faveor for the kingdom of God in Goma and the Congo.  Many areas of the Congo are very rich in minerals and natural resources, and now with peace and stability they will be able to develop the resources for the betterment of the people here.  Many of the people in Goma are broken and torn from the years of turmoil and civil war, but by God's grace they will be restored, He will restore to them what the locusts have eaten. I thank God that He gave me the grace and open door to come here and preach the good news of the gospel.  Blessed on the mountain are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good news! Continue to lift up the people of the Congo in your prayers.
Thank you warriors for all your prayers.  We are heading back to Kigale then on to Nairobi tonight, and will be taking a couple of days to go see the big animals at the Masaii Mara in southern Kenya, then flying home on Friday. We hope to get some good pictures of Simba (the lions) with all his friends. Still working on the picture project, hope to have it resolved soon.  God bless you, in Christ, Jim

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