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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

From Malaba, Kenya

Dear beloved:  I'm just completing the Malaba Crusade, it was an experience like none other for sure.  The Lord moved in a mighty way, but I would have to say it was plowing in hard ground. Malaba is a border town between Kenya and Uganda, so there are lots of typical border activites: smuggling of arms and other goods, prostitution and other illegal activities.  Many muslims in the area, most of the businesses in that part of Malaba were muslim, so attendence was less that I expected but God knew why He sent me there.  Matt. 13:3 And the sower went out to sow, v4 and some of the seed fell on the wayside, and immediately the birds came along and carried it away.  The spiritual warfare was intense; the first day of the crusade a speaker stand ten feet up with a big speaker was blown over and crashed on Pastor Obanda's head.  He received a big gash and eventually stitches, but the schemes of the devil did not prevail, Lucas was back at the crusade the next day!   I preached one evening in a pouring down rain, two nights in good weather, and in all 9 precious souls came to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!  Bwana a safiwe!  Many other people received prayer for healing, one man gave a testimony of the Lord taking away his eye pain after the prayers.
We are heading back to Mumias today, then will fly to Nairobi tomorrow, then head out to Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday.  I am feeling strong today after a battle the last few days with the stomach bug.  thank you so much for the prayers, keep them coming, the trip to the Congo will be very exciting.  We are in expectation for great meetings.
The pictures below:  me preaching at the crusade, a shot of the children and others starting to gather for the crusade one afternoon, and the bottom, a picture of the pastor encouragement at Harvest Church, Robby Joregensen to my left, Roger Fothergill from Scotland to my right. Will try to get more pictures off to you later in the week as time allows.  God bless you as you pray, I love you all.  Blessings, Jim

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